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List of Domestic TV Dramas to Be Broadcast in Sep 2021

There were so many big events in the mainland entertainment circle this summer. The TV dramas that were to be broadcast were affected by the "lack of morality" events of actors and could not be broadcast, as a result, the broadcasting of several TV dramas was forced to suspend. Fortunately, there are still some TV dramas that can be officially announced to be broadcast.

1. The Worm Valley

Original network: Tencent

It’s a suspense adventure TV series, adapted from the novel from the Ghost Blows Out the Light series, which tells the story of a group of people who will go to the tomb of King Xian of the former ancient Dian Kingdom in Yunnan looking for dust beads and start a new adventure journey.

2. The Oath of Love

Date: 8 Sep

Original network: Tencent & Hunan Satellite TV

Starring Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan, the play is adapted from a novel, which tells the story of Lin Zhixiao, a junior in a Music Department, who meets and falls in love with the chief surgeon Gu Wei of her father, as her father is ill in hospital.

3. Go Into Your Heart

Original network: Youku

The play tells the sweet love story about accompany and guardian between a cute new reporter and a popular chess figure

In addition to the TV dramas that have been officially announced to be broadcast, there are more than 30 TV dramas expected to be broadcast this year


NovoLand-The Princess From Plateau: Adapted from a novel, with Jiuzhou as the background, it tells a sweetness and abuse interwoven love story

The Pavilion: It is a family suspense web drama, with the strongest lineup in acting skills, which tells the unsolved case 19 years ago and involves complicated emotional stories about family members

Sword Snow Stride: It tells the story of a son of an aristocratic family, Xu Fengnian, who eventually grows up to be the King of Beiliang after suffering

Psychologist: Starring Yang Zi and Jing Boran, the story tells an emotional story that the female psychologist gradually untie her heart knot after encountering various blows in life one after another


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