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The Hottest Cpop Scandal in July - Kris Wu and Du Meizu

Du Meizhu revealed the news on her Weibo, she said Kris Wu used the excuse of choosing the heroine for the MV and the signatories of the studio to approach minors girls and get them drunk. The news caused public anger once it was released, other girls who had contact with him also stood up and exposed the chat records when they contacted him.

Important details:

July 16

Du Meizu said that the number of victims is more than 20 or 30. The chat records between Mr. Wu's studio and the victims about the hope of using 8 million yuan to solve the problem were released.

July 17

The transfer record of 500000 yuan was released, send from Kris Wu and his mother.

July 18

Mr. Wu was required to hold a press conference within 24 hours and announce his withdrawal from China's entertainment industry forever.