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Where to watch Chinese drama basic guide (I)

There are three major channels- Wetv, IQIYI & Mango TV to watch Chinese TV dramas, they are easy-to-use and provide a large number of Chinese TV dramas with English and other subtitles. Which is the best depends on what series you like. Some dramas may appear on several channels at the same time, but some exclusive dramas only appear on a single channel. Youku, another big channel, is not on the list because most of its shows are not yet available with English subtitles.


It was founded in 2011, covering a large number of programs, including hot movies, entertainment, sports events. By 2019, the number of premium users has reached 106 million


*The number of dramas may be the largest among the three

*With behind the scene & exclusive clips

*There are many Chinese dramas that may not be found in the overseas ver.

VIP Plan:

$5.99/Monthly Sub,$16.99/Quarterly Sub,$54.99/Annual Sub

Popular Exclusive Shows:

The Untamed/Mo Dao Zu Shi/Nothing but Thirty/Chuang 2021



It was founded in 2010, and its brand tone of youth and fashion has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which has attracted the majority of young users around the world


*In addition to Chinese TV series, there are more popular Korean dramas

*More programs for young people

*With exclusive clips

VIP Plan:

$1.03/Monthly Sub, $3.61 per month after the first month

$48.68/Annual Sub

Popular Exclusive Shows:

Story of Yanxi Palace/My Dear Guardian/Youth With You


It was launched in 2014, integrating network features and TV features, and is known as the only Internet video platform of Hunan Radio and television


*Chinese and English subtitles can appear at the same time

*Some non-dramatic programs may only have Chinese subtitles

*Less popular shows

VIP Plan:

$1.93/1 Month Sub,$8.49/3 Months Sub,$16.49/Annual Sub

Popular Exclusive Shows:

Go Ahead/Find Yourself/Meteor Garden


Language Setting:

If the screen is initially displayed in Chinese, please change it to English according to the following instructions (the usage of the three apps is basically the same)

We may discuss how to use VIP and other app features in the basic guide (II).


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