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Go Go Squid! OST Official Soundtrack

Release Date: 7-2019

Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: China

Estimated Weight: 0.3kg



CD: 1

DVD: 1 (Music Videos)

Booklet: 1

Folded poster: 1

Character Card:1


Track List:

1. 無名之輩 (The Unfamous One)

2. 牛奶麵包 (Milk Bread)

3. 愛不由我 (No Control Over Love)

4. 給未來 (To The Future)

5. Couldn't leave

6. 我可以不在乎的妳(I can not care about you)

7. 光耀 (Brilliant Light)

Go Go Squid! OST Official Soundtrack

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